Career Coaching and Mentorship for Women

Sharing in-depth experiences, support, and coaching the next women leaders in healthcare.

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Woman to Woman Mentoring Program

Women face unique challenges in the healthcare industry. Our mentors address these issues head-on and share their experience on sexism; he is the boss/she is bossy roles; and the pitfalls of competing in the workplace.

Mentorship is more than getting a coach - it's building a long-lasting relationship and receiving guidance from a mentor who truly believes in your ability. By joining our mentorship program, you will have a healthcare professional to rely on for career support and advice.

Are you a candidate?

You are a woman who works in or wants to work in Canada's healthcare system. Clinic managers, medical assistants, nurses and doctors are welcome to join the program. This program is incredibly impactful for women suffering from imposter syndrome.

Healthcare Mentors

All our consultants are fantastic; however, only a few become mentors. We choose mentors for their high level of emotional intelligence, empathy, and approachability.

Why mentorship is right for you

Gain respect and recognition in the field.

Develop valuable skills that will create career opportunities.

Job and career satisfaction.

Overcome imposter syndrome.

How does it work?


Contact us and apply to become a mentee. We choose candidates based on attitude and compatibility with available mentors. After being accepted, you will meet with your mentor online for 1:1 mentoring.

Tailored Program

Your mentor will design a program that fits your career and aspirations. Mentorship duration is typically months, though it's normal for the mentor and mentee to remain in contact after completing the formal program.

Measuring Success

The accurate measure of success is whether or not you progress tangibly. We use SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goal tracking to measure program success.

Find out how Biz Shrink's mentorship program can help advance your healthcare career.

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