Leading The Way To A Beautiful New Normal

At Biz Shrink, our mission is Healthcare Transformation achieved through online leadership training, women mentorship, and telehealth services.

Guiding your practice through COVID-19

In difficult times, the way ahead isn’t always clear. At Biz Shrink, we understand the realities of running a practice and can help you plan your recovery. Plus, we can adapt our delivery to your needs and circumstances, working with you to implement solutions remotely.

We complement your expertise with a full spectrum of advisory services in doctor's office interior design, telehealth services, and healthcare management consulting.

What is a Biz Shrink?


1. A person skilled in business and healthcare marketing strategy, planning and problem solving. A Biz Shrink collaborates with clinic owners, doctors, and their team to grow the practice.

2. A nickname jokingly given to Marilyn Lawrie for diagnosing and treating the problems at her first clinic.

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Why Biz Shrink

We know healthcare

Delivering end-to-end experiences that boost productivity and keep costs low requires resourceful thinkers - we have them in abundance.

We know business

We believe in a business approach to healthcare. We help practices with marketing strategies that meet practice needs and exceed business goals.

We know Patient Experience

Our human centric approach increases referrals and patient loyalty. We help practices stand out from the competition.



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