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In our post-pandemic world, businesses are required to change focus, form and reform with unprecedented speed. We listen to bring wisdom and human insight together to unlock the power of Lifted Leadership for transformation. We believe anyone can be a leader, no matter job title or education level. Our purpose is to create teams that are more than the sum of their parts, with every person contributing to overall success. Our coaches and consultants address the challenges of people connection with coaching and experiential, project-based training.

Real team learning occurs at the emergent edge, where neither coach nor client may have the answer, but we work together to design experiments that lead to solutions. Success is born when all team members learn to be agile, resilient, and matrixed to embrace complex tasks with systemic collaboration.

Meet Marilyn Lawrie, Lead Coach

Marilyn Lawrie is a seasoned, outcome-focused coach who understands the human desire to help, serve and support something bigger than ourselves in a meaningful way. Marilyn helps individuals and teams find clarity in the issues that challenge growth and expansion. Her style is both provocative and humorous, utilizing evidence-based tools from McLean/Harvard that enable clients to more effectively identify the internal conflicts that keep them stuck. Her engagement helps clients build the courage to make decisions, shift habit paradigms and move forward to self-actualization, happiness and success.

About Marilyn

As quoted in the Medical Post Magazine

A big mistake that people made years ago was in thinking doctors’ offices had to look like hospitals, Lawrie said, a mistake new physicians setting up practice can avoid. The business at hand is different, and therefore the environment should be different. People aren’t coming in for urgent care, they’re coming in to talk about their personal struggles. And so, you want to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

While lux interiors may not be affordable for many clinics, Lawrie says, the principles of uncluttered, soothing, welcoming design are attainable at all price points. Even a calming piece of photography or artwork can help, as can a fresh coat of paint.

An excerpt from Practice management: Clinic decor by Louise Leger



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