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Would you like to move from conflict and fatigue to optimism and opportunity? Individual and Team transformation through coaching, collaborative peer learning, and business consulting.


We aim to create teams that are more than the sum of their parts, with every person contributing to overall success. We tackle the challenges of conflict, isolation, and burnout by reconnecting groups with their purpose. Through coaching and collaborative peer learning, the result is a team who creates its unique alchemy of flourishing to lead the way forward.

Meet Marilyn Lawrie, President, Lead Coach

Marilyn Lawrie is a seasoned coach who underscores our human desire to serve and support something larger than ourselves in a meaningful way. Marilyn’s broad experience in urban and remote primary care, allied medicine, telehealth, First Nations health, and mental health environments bring a profound source of expertise.

Her style is down-to-earth, provocative, and humorous in embracing our humanity. Referred to as the tough mama coach, her heart-centered approach produces team harmony and unity. Marilyn encourages her clients to be audacious in their desire to find purpose and assume their full potential. She enables teams to feel safe and build the courage to explore the internal conflicts that keep them stuck. Using evidence-based tools to make collaborative decisions, teams are empowered to shift old habits, make changes, and achieve success.

About Marilyn


It is now widely recognized that we gain a more significant return on investment when mid-managers engage their entire team in personal development.

Our services are designed to embrace the whole team, not simply the few at the top. We understand that our front-line staff has often been the brunt of pandemic struggle and yet are the least supported. We believe everyone, at every level, matters, everyone has genius, and we need everyone’s contribution to get us to the other side. Our groups laugh and cry and find new ways to unite. Our team philosophy goes something like this:

All Team Members Matter

All Hearts & Brains Count

All Hands on Deck



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Lifted Leadership Club

Tenured managers need effective, short-term interventions that provide them with tools and practice to develop coaching skills. The Lifted Leadership Club is a part-time, six-week incubator that gives clinic managers the confidence, skills, and tools to lead their teams through structured change.

Managers in our small groups of 12 get premium attention to achieve learning goals through our mentorship, group coaching, and collaborative peer-learning assignments. The result is a manager/coach who inspires their team to connect, empower their purpose and hold each other accountable for quality service delivery.

The program includes Membership in the monthly Lifted Leadership Group sessions for ongoing support.