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Individual, Group and Team Coaching

Leadership & Team Coaching

Studies from Harvard show the most successful organizational structure is when all team members are agile, resilient, and are able to embrace complex tasks even when they report to multiple bosses. To achieve this, teams need to be safe to explore creative thinking and see opportunities instead of challenges.

Make an impact

Build emotional intelligence with greater self-awareness and self-control. Leadership coaching helps managers foster better working relationships with their direct reports, allowing for honest and open communication that brings out the best in others.

Drive ROI

The success of a business significantly depends on team performance. Supporting your team leaders with professional coaching helps develop their communication skills and management accountability, ensuring that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Retain Talent

Skilled employees leave because they lack career advancement opportunities. Coaching can provide a career trajectory, helping leaders develop new skills and open doors to promotion and advancement.


Lifted Leadership club

The Lifted Leadership Club is a three-month incubator that gives supervisors and managers the confidence, skills, and tools to lead their teams through structured change. Utilizing individual mentorship, group coaching and collaborative peer-learning assignments, members will inspire engagement, take action and achieve goal attainment.

Individual Coaching

Are you a new supervisor or mid manager who is looking to increase your impact with your team? Are you currently looking to improve your chances of advancement to a management role? Chat with me to understand the core competencies required by leaders moving us through unprecedented change over the next two years.

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