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Individual and Team Coaching


Pandemic threw us all into the chaos of uncharted waters, leaving leaders feeling alone and depleted in their plight. Much of our fatigue is due to a lack of support and not understanding how to move forward. Team coaching shows us how to be comfortably vulnerable, admit we don’t have all the answers, lean into a support system, and practice new skills to gain further confidence. 

In our Lifted Leadership Club, leaders feel safe to explore creative, outside-the-box ways of thinking and being. To see opportunities versus challenges. To support staff and develop a collaborative culture where we all “have each other’s back.” 

Make an impact

Leadership coaching helps managers stand out as someone who can foster excellent working relationships with owners, their peers, and subordinates. The result is a healthy team where honest and open communication brings out the best in everyone.

Drive ROI

The success of a business significantly depends on team performance. Supporting our teams with coaching develops engaged staff who take pride in their contribution and feel accountable, so tasks and projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Retain Talent

In this era of The Great Resignation, studies show that skilled employees leave because they lack purpose, career advancement, or learning opportunities. Coaching can provide a values alignment and career trajectory, supporting team members to develop new skills or open doors toward promotion and advancement.


Lifted Leadership Club $549

Tenured managers need effective, short-term interventions that provide them with tools and practice to develop coaching skills. The Lifted Leadership Club is a part-time, six-week incubator that gives clinic managers the confidence, skills, and tools to lead their teams through structured change.

Managers in our small groups of 12 get premium attention to achieve learning goals through our mentorship, group coaching, and collaborative peer-learning assignments. The result is a manager/coach who inspires their team to connect, empower their purpose and hold each other accountable for quality service delivery.

The program includes Membership in the monthly Lifted Leadership Group sessions for ongoing support.

Coaching Workshops $129

It’s never too soon or too late to become the leader you want to be. Our small group, full-day workshops provide concrete learning for aspiring, experienced, and mature managers to showcase their leadership expertise.  

Peer Influencer: You have energy and enthusiasm; learn how to stand out as a powerful, positive peer influencer and leader.

Supervisory Leader: You have valued experience; learn how to build and showcase your leadership strength to boost your career to the next level.

Mature Mentor: Retirement, be damned! Your vast experience possesses powerful knowledge; learn how to engage, guide, and mentor others to become our next leaders.


Physicians and staff need to feel supported to focus on what truly matters: our patients.

We provide HR and Coaching for teams who prefer to outsource these services. We create team engagement to support your good work and improve healthcare delivery for all involved. 

We focus on challenging people issues and team performance allowing managers to maintain their attention on operations efficiency for qualitative, positive outcomes for patients and the clinic.

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