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Leading the changing landscape in healthcare

From adapting to changing patient needs, physician relationships, alliance partners, peak booking and profit strength – we help you transform your operations and develop new structures to facilitate clinic amalgamation.

Offering healthcare management consulting and online training programs.

Physician Support Team Training

There is a direct link between learning and business success.

Companies that learn fastest and adapt well to changing environments perform the best over time,- Edward Hess, Professor of Business Administration and Author.

As COVID-19 changes the face of the world, employee training is more important than ever. Our 5-Star training courses help your team master the skills to improve performance and patient satisfaction.

Operational Efficiences

Our healthcare consultants have 30 years experience assessing practice environments, finances, marketing, operations, technology and HR; and helping clinics prioritize what needs to be addressed. We take into account mission and vision statements and execute plans to reduce costs, and create organized workplaces with clear workflows.

Finance Consulting

We help optimize every step of your revenue cycle from intake to scheduling to billing. Find an online course to get billing, software training, and to learn how to navigate shifting regulatory and medical billing guidelines.


Employee Training

Processes & Procedures

Skill Gap Analysis

Leadership & Management

Privacy & Compliance

Brand Training


Policies & Procedures Development

Workflow Optimization

Technology Assessment

Intake Package & Internal Files

Patient Loyalty Strategies

Finance Consulting

Daily Balancing

Billing, Including Multi-Practitioner

Fiscal Management & Reporting

JaneApp Training

Tax Planning

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