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From adapting to changing patient needs, building new physician relationships and alliance partners, peak booking, and profit strength – we help you transform your operations and develop new structures to facilitate clinic growth.

Change Management

Businesses are undergoing rapid change, and healthcare transformation is complex due to heavy regulations and governance. We combine traditional change management with a human-centric focus and agile project management. We work with you to recognize challenges, develop awareness, and achieve acceptance and adoption.

Workflow Efficiency

Our consultants have 20 years of experience innovating for efficient healthcare environments. We assist organizations in prioritizing finance – if the business isn’t economically healthy, it won’t provide healthy jobs. Next, we assess clinical and business operations with technology efficiencies to align time and money savings. Once finance and workflow issues are resolved, we coach the people with engagement strategies for healthy new working methods. Our philosophy is that heart, mind, and bottom line must all work together!


Our team has worked with Indigenous communities for 20 years to bring in-person, telehealth, and mental health services to underserved urban and remote communities.

We share a strong respect for Indigenous culture and tradition, appreciating the severe impact of colonized discrimination and its resulting blow to our First People’s right to quality healthcare.

Through team coaching, Councils, Health Centre managers, their teams, and external partners will collaborate to remove barriers and blend health services unique to each communities needs. We honour knowledge keepers and embrace each person’s expertise in the process of holistic healthcare delivery.


HR Management

Policies & Procedures Development

Team Performance Management

Patient Loyalty Intake Packages

Patient Journey Mapping

Ethical Treatment Sales Training

Operations Management

Project Management

Workflow Optimization

Technology Assessment

Confidentiality & Risk Management

Software & Operations Training


Community Needs Assessment

Coaching Team Purpose & Engagement

Team Leadership Development

Communication Strategies

Physician Executive (Please call us to learn more about our Physician Executive)

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