Marilyn Lawrie


President & Lead Coach

Marilyn Lawrie has been a business owner and consultant for 30 years. Past experiences in social services and private school ownership forged her innovative approach to human resources and people engagement. Growing her private school business from $0 to $3.5M provided a lot of learning along the way. Her ability to design successful training programs for specialized populations led to her being nominated Finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award. 

Over the last 15 years, Marilyn has been consulting in diverse industries, from union team issues at YVR to providing HR guidance to health tech start-ups. Biz Shrink was the nickname clinic owners gave her as the consultant who came in, got involved, and solved problems. As the Lead Coach, Marilyn is acutely aware of the team challenges healthcare owners face when integrating primary, allied, telehealth, and mental health services for Shared Care.  

Marilyn is now focused on coaching teams to move through pandemic stress and fatigue to energize for opportunities ahead.  Comments from groups she has been working with are the most potent result of her involvement: relief from feeling alone, gaining trust for one another, and a refreshed sense of “we got this.”  Marilyn loves to laugh at herself and creates an ambiance that lets everyone feel relaxed and safe to explore what’s possible.

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